The Housacy Rules

The Housacy is a legacy challenge – but with a difference.
Each generation must live in a different house, in a different style. There are 10 generations, counting your founder as generation 1.

You must start a new save file and stick with that save file throughout your Housacy, and you can use any neighbourhood you like.

You start the game with a single founder, and he/she must be the only member of the household. Your founder must be either YA or Adult. You are allowed to customise everything about them, genetics, clothing etc. And you can also choose any life-time wish for them you want.

You can place your founder in any house you like, so long as it is one of the house-types listed below, and requires no cheats for them to move in.

The Generation House Rules:

You must bear in mind that no cheats are allowed, so starting with the cheaper houses would be advisable. But there is no specific order you have to do these in.
Each generation lives in one of the house types, and once they are moved in, they cannot be moved out again, until you start the next generation, when only the heir can move out.
At the beginning of each generation, if you are writing it on a blog etc, you must specify which house style you are doing.
You can only do each house style once. You don’t have to plan which order you are going to do them in if you don’t want to.
You can expand and change your house throughout the generation, but you cannot change the lot it is on.
Your houses can be premade, made by you, or from the exchange.
If your house is from the exchange, please ask the creators permission to use it first, and also give them credit.

For this gen your heir can live either in a modern house, or if you have Late Night, they can live in a high-rise building.
Your house/high-rise must be in the modern style, both the building and its contents.

Farm House
In this gen your heir must live in a farm-house style home, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a plot of land for growing plants, but it must have the appearance of a farm house.

This could be any style of cottage you want. So long as it has at least two floors and looks like a cottage, and has that cosy cottage feel inside, then that is fine.

Manor House
This is probably one of the most expensive house styles, so make sure your generation has saved up lots of money for this. This must be large with expansive gardens, and have a luxurious feel to it.

For this gen, your home must have one floor only. Other than that, it can look however you would like.

Log Cabin
I would advise starting out with this house style (or the bungalow). Although you do not have to if you do not want to, it would be easily affordable for your founder.
It must have log walls and basically look like a log cabin.

Shotgun house
A shotgun house is usually very narrow, rectangular and long, with a door at each end. Click the link for more details.

Wealden Hall House
This style is a type of vernacular medieval timber-framed house, traditional in the south east of England. Click the link for more details.

Storybook House
These generally have high, sloping roofs and are commonly called Fairy Tale houses. Click the link for more details.

Cape Cod
Cape Cod’s are traditionally characterized by a low, broad frame building, generally a story and a half high, with a steep, perfectly pitched roof with end gables, a large central chimney and very little ornamentation. Click the link for more details.

-No cheats are allowed.
-Custom content is allowed.
-Mods are not allowed if they hold an advantage over someone who doesn’t have one, but it would be preferable if no mods were used.
-No ambrosia, life fruit or death flowers.
-Story progression and aging must be turned on, but you can set lifespan to normal or long.
-Your family must be the active household throughout the challenge.
-Birthday cakes are allowed but optional.
-Sims cannot be moved into the active household through edit town mode, only through marriage or the move-in interaction.
-You can use any sims you want, but if they are from the exchange, make sure you have the creators permission and give credit to them.
-The houses you use must follow the rules stated in the Generation House Rules.
-Traits of any family member do not have to be randomly selected if you would prefer to chose yourself.
-Sims cannot be brought back to life through the Science Facility.
-Adopted family members and ghosts cannot become the heir/heiress.
-You can have a family trait if you wish, but you do not have to.
-Male or female children can become the heir/heiress on any generation.
-If you wish you can write up your Housacy and upload it so you can share your family’s story with the community.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.
Also, if you think I have missed out anything important, please let me know.